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                  FASHION THURSDAY: Who is the Dandy Man?

It was only till recently I was able to clearly pin point (more like exactly name) a certain style of men’s fashion that I had seen common amongst celebrities such as Andre 3000 (from Outkast), Kanye West and Pharell Williams. 

I had also seen this style of fashion among some men in Africa during church services on Sundays and randomly walking down the streets either in Malaysia or Canada. 

It definitely takes a certain kind of individual to pull off wearing, “silk handkerchiefs, pink corduroys, tweed and double-breasted tailoring.

My cousin had posted this article from Messy Chic about this fashion known as ‘dandyism’ also known as Sapeurs.

Here is an extract from the article,

What you’re looking at is the phenomenon of Sapeurs, a subculture of extraordinarily dressed dandies from the Congo. In the midst of their war-torn slums, these men dress in tailored suits, elegantly smoke on their pipes and stroll the impoverished streets in immaculate footwear.

Dandyism or sapologie in this case, is not a fashion trend. In some of the farthest corners of the earth where true dandyism exists, it serves as something closer to a religion; a code of living.

Records of African dandy men go back as far as the 18th century when slaves were given extravagant and elegant costumes by their European masters to effectively ‘fit in’ with their luxurious surroundings. By the time the slave trade was abolished, liberated Africans had already begun to create their own unique dandy style, in some cases, doing it better than the Europeans had ever done it.


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